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You bring the music, we bring the artists.

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What is Starmony?

Here at Starmony, we aim to disrupt and democratize the music industry.

We want to be a platform that enables artists and producers, all over the world, to create and release music without any gatekeeping. We have developed the technology to allow everyone, everywhere, to create a whole song just by using their voice and a smartphone.

Bottom line, Starmony has done all the hard work so you can focus on what matters the most--your music.

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Why should I join?

With Starmony, your audio harddrive can become a goldmine.

Some producers already have an enormous music production library, others have just started - in both cases only a few of these productions actually get released by an artist. However, with Starmony, one production can be released multiple times, with multiple artists. That means more royalties for you!

Whereas a typical label royalty split would only spare its creators 17% to 20% from a song’s total earnings, we implement a 50/50 share between Starmony and the creators on all royalties generated. As the creators’ share is 50%, you as the producer will receive 25%, and the artist will also receive 25%.

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What's next?

Join our mission to disrupt music making at its core, one note at a time.

Maximize your music production's potential and sign up as a Starmony producer.

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